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I'm fairly new to SAS VA and am trying to work with 'measure' data as a hierarchy. I work with income data for instance and I need to be able to produce reports that have the roll-up of variables embedded. Here's an example of a hierarchy that I would use:


Market income 

  -Wages and salaries

  -Self-employment earnings

    - farm

    - non-farm



    - dividends

    - interest

    - etc.



All of this data $ amounts and I want to be able to produce a report where I can click the high level variable and get a picture of what's happening. Another click and I see the next level in the hierarchy.


Problem I'm having is that the hierarchy is limited to categorical variables in SAS VA. There must be a work around, but it's not clear to me. Any help is much appreciated! The reports just need to produce basic summary stats. Sum, counts, average min ,max, median etc. 






SAS Employee

You can force a variable to become a category by changing its property, however, I don't think this will solve your issue because then the measure will no longer be available.   So you may consider creating new variables based on the measures and forcing them to be category.

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

I suspect your data needs to be transposed.  So instead of looking like this:



Wages      Farm         Non-Farm

123            100             23


It needs to be shaped like this:


Income  Source               SubSource        Wages

Market   Self-Employee     Farm                     100

Market   Self-Employee     Non-Farm               23



Then you can  build the hierarchy from Income, Source, SubSource and Wages is your measure.

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