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Quartz | Level 8

Is the data stored in a physical location or on a virtual. Can i see the data that is stored. Is it possible to access the data from server, Can someone please give details



Tourmaline | Level 20

Depends on if you got as distributed edition or not.

Distributed: data stored in Hadoop, or other supported co-located provider (e.g. Teradata).

Non distributed: common data stores available through ordinary SAS session (Base, SPDE, SAS/ACCESS engines).

For more details: there a lot of papers describing LASR/Visual Analytics. Also, there should be some interesting parts of the admin documentation (requires that you hold a VA license).

Data never sleeps
Quartz | Level 8
i want to know whether i can access the datasets saved in sas lasr library
from within the servers. i am using a non distributed environment. I went
through few documents. But i am not understanding this.

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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

The datasets are copied from a file system or database to the LASR Analytic Server. Since the LASR server is an in-memory location - it confuses many people.  If you have permissions you can access the LASR server with a LIBNAME statement.


If you do not have access to the original source, then you could use the Data Builder to save the dataset into a local location.  This technique is explained in the user documentation.  Otherwise, your site admin should be able to get a copy of the desired dataset.


However if you have created calculations within SAS VA - these calculations are not saved with the dataset.

Tricia Aanderud

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Tourmaline | Level 20
If you don't understand the basic concepts of VA:
-Read the documentation again
-Take some training
-From doc and training materials try to use the data on your site

Yes you can access LASR data via a libref, but it has some implications (like most och the data will transferred to your workspace session).
Data never sleeps


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