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Calcite | Level 5

Hi all,


is there a simple way to document a VA- report, views, content, measures, aggregated measure, hierarchies, interactions, used parameters, etc. etc.


At this moment we are documenting in word with awfull copy-paste and other stupid actions.




Meteorite | Level 14

Unfortunately there isn't and great idea!


There was a discussion about autogenerating a report information flow and I raised a SASware Ballot Idea on this


I think extending the self-documentation to describe the report metadata would be extremely useful too. I've added a comment to your suggestion to the SASWare Ballot Idea, Please add your comments and vote.


Kind Regards,



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Hi Maarten,


I'm not sure this would work for you, but have you thought about adding an Info Window to your report in the designer? If you're trying to document the report for end users, you could add a text object in the Info Window and explain the various parts of the report.  Here's a link to the Add an Info Window to a Report topic in the SAS Visual Analytics 7.3 User's Guide.  (The instructions in this topic are also good for the 7.1 and 7.2 releases.)




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