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Obsidian | Level 7

Hi:  Has anyone had an issue adding a font to SAS VA?  


  • I added it to windows and it does show up in other apps.
  • I also ran proc fontreg
  • I restarted the services as well.

Trying to add Nunito_Sans.  I am on SAS 9.4 and VA 7.5.


Any help is appreciated. 





Opal | Level 21

"I added it to windows" - But where though? On your PC or on the SAS VA web server? I suspect any new fonts would need to be set up on the SAS VA web server but I'm not sure of the process. Tech Support might be your best bet here.

Obsidian | Level 7

Correct, I added to the SAS VA Web server.

Fluorite | Level 6
I'm having the same problem (except that our Viya is running on Linux) any solution to share?

What problem are you having with fonts? Did you follow the instructions in this topic? 

Make More Fonts Available 

Fluorite | Level 6

Hi @Madelyn_SAS !
We are in need of applying custom fonts in two cases:

  • In exports to PDF via SAS Studio code
  • and in Visual Analytics reports

OP and the original response is a bit vague when it comes to instructions (would be nice with an official SAS documentation or guide on this but I can't find any).


The font  in question (LabGrotesque) is "available" on the linux server hosting the Viya 3.5 environment in woff and otf format as per this fc-list command:



In regards to SAS studio I'm able to register the font per the instruction provided in previous forum threads and this documentation.

Here's the result from Proc Registry:


When it comes to applying the font (in proc reports as an example) I'm struggling (I totally fail to apply it 😂) but I have some digging to do regarding ttf and cff and what procs support what type of font but...


What is more prioritised is making the fonts work in Visual Anlytics and here is where I'm struggling the most.

As shown, the fonts are available on the server where Viya is installed and hosted but I do not know if that is the same as saying that it it is "available in the web server"?
Just to be overly clear, here's a image from VA where I would expect the font to show up:


I highly suspect that there is some step missing (such as the proc fontreg for studio/coding) in order to make the woff version of the font available in the different Viya web applications such as VA and Theme Designer or should it just work if the font is available on the server?

Any hints on what to test or do next would be appreciated 🙂 








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