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SAS Employee

At SAS, we are using SAS Visual Analytics to support more than 20 lines of businesses with their data visualization and reporting needs. I wanted to share three real world examples of how we are using VA.

Check out this blog that I posted recently:  40 Somethings Love Fancy Sushi and Other Insights from Visual Analytics.


How are you--as VA community members-- using VA?   Please share your examples and experiences with the community!

Calcite | Level 5

The examples were really good and showed how you people are using your product to explore your company data.

I am very new to SAS and even  I  explored the data and check the insights of it, which really helped the management in taking its decision.

My Company is sifting to new place and it had arranged a mock up of different types of chairs , table, work stations  etc and asked the employees to give feed back ratings on each model of mock up. I took all the feed back form and did the different types of analysis on it i.e. Which one was the best chair selected by employees, how many highest feedback marks given to a particular model and many others types of analysis.This report really helped management to see the feedback from employees in deep and detail and at the same time it helped to take the decisions too.

I know it is a very small thing that I did but being a beginner in SAS I tried to do some analysis.


SAS Employee

Calcite | Level 5

Hi Anna

Thanks for kind cheer up for my work. My organisation had benefited from report and it is looking forward to take more advantage of SAS software for a better decision taking scenarios.

Abhishek Pathak 

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Hi Jennifer,

We are using SAS VA 6.2 for a lot of reporting area's like

Dep.Costs, Sales Projects, Contribution Margin reports, Cust.Complaits, Daily Sales flash report, Environmental control, Presents/Absencereporting, Network/mail quota, Shipment statistics, Maintenance overviews,

Stock/Obsolete/Slow-moving overviews and special reports on Sales like emerging markets, new customers, new dev.products, etc etc.

For some we have a two versions, one for web and one for mobile.  This because of the difference of reporting screen size.



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