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Fluorite | Level 6

I am evaluating SAS Visual Analytics and Visual Statistics for purchase.  
I want to load a non-PHI demo file into VA from here: I select "Prepare Data", and "New Plan". At the "Choose Data" window, I select "Import", and then "Local File".
For the Target Table name, I select the name of my file. All is well. The next task is to select the Target Destination.
I click on the folders icon, and select the only one available, which is cas-shared-default,
and then click the ">".

Error message: "List CAS Libraries. The application count not connect to the
specified CAS server." What I am doing that is incorrect? How shall I proceed to get my file loaded.
Thanks for your time.

SAS Employee



The CAS server isn't started or you do not have access to it. Who created that environment for you? This is SAS Partner Demo Center or SAS Virtual Learning Environment?

Fluorite | Level 6

Hi Axexal,


Thank you for responding.  I am struggling with your nomenclature:  "SAS Partner Demo Center" sounds like it would be for resellars of SAS software.  I am not one of those fine people!  I work for a government (state), and I am facilitating the purchase of VA and VS.  The Senior Manager of the Customer Engagement and Pre-Sales Support Team at SAS gave me the link.  There is a two week trial, and then an extension of the trail, if needed. This instance, as far as I know, is the free version of the software available to anyone.  Thus, perhaps I am in what you would call the "SAS Virtual Learning Environment". 


My task is to test VA and VS, and if successful, recommend purchase. To test it,  I wanted to load a small SAS data set and create a simple dashboard to justify the purchase. 


I hope this is clear. 


Thank you for your assistance.



SAS Employee



If you are having trouble using the SAS Partner Demo Center:


  • First point of contact for support is your SAS Systems Engineer (SE) or your Alliance Manager.
  • If they cannot help, contact the Enterprise Excellence Center Partner Demo Center Support Team directly via email:



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