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Fluorite | Level 6

Hi All,

In the SAS VA Data Builder, I want to schedule a query to run every 5 minutes or less everyday. I tried to schedule it for every 10 mins, 20 mins and half hour but got an error:  "The task XML contains too many nodes of the same type."   . I tried to schedule it to run for every hour and it was successful. In my scenario, 1 hour is a very big time interval. Is there any way to reduce the interval time in minutes?

Using SAS 9.4, VA 7.3 TS1M3


Your valueable comments will be appreciable.

SAS Employee

Hi nattargekar, the smallest interval is one hour. It generates a .sas file. You might be able to get more advanced or creative with SAS Management Console. 




Fluorite | Level 6

Hi @I_Kong_SAS, Thanks a lot for your reply. We have a requirement to run the query every 10 mins. Also, the Query Builder in SAS VA shows option to schedule the query every 1 min. Can you please give the location of the .SAS file? And put some light, if possible, on scheduling from management console? It will be really helpful. Thanks again @I_Kong_SAS.

Amethyst | Level 16



The schedule can be customized a lot from the scheduler itself, for SAS VA, it is generally the operating system (Windows or Linux). 

I believe in your case it is Windows.


I would advise you: when you will schedule a task/query, align with your administrators, because they can modify the schedule to the time/trigger you require. Every 10 min is possible.


Best regards,




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