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Fluorite | Level 6



On a schedule basis we load tables from Teradata into the SAS Memory (LARS, correct me if I'm wrong). Via SAS VA Management -> LASR -> Manage Tables you can see the status and loaddate. Now I would like to set up an email notification so that in case a data load fails the service desk will be informed. I searched the internet but unfortunately without success.


The only thing I came across was setting up Alerts on the data itself. As an alternative I could set up an alert on the DateTime column of my datasets. Something like IF DateTime < Then Current Date send alert (data of today is missing).


Does someone know if it's possible to setup email notifications in LARS or any other ideas to monitor the Data Loading in the memory box?


Thank you inadvance,




Amethyst | Level 16

Hi Bart,


I can think on 2 different options:


Option 1: alerts during loading time:

everything depends on the way you are loading your data into LARS:

- AutoLoad?

- Scheduled Queries by DataBuilder?

- scripted load/upload of the tables?


On all of them, the idea is simple: identify the sas script that loads the table and send an email if there is an error (rc different than 0).

Of course if the script changes by a process (as the scheduled queries by DataBuilder) or new scripts are created, you will need to include the same code control.


And this process you can manage from the scheduled task in the operating system of from the code itself, as you would do in other scenarios, nothing really new.


I don;t know if you are a SAS or System administrator, but if you are not, better align with yours, so you can create the solution together.


Option 2: alerts through constant monitoring and some rules:

For monitoring the tables on LASR and the memory, enjoy

Though this system, you can monitor the actual status of your LASR servers and the tables. Then you only will need to script the intelligence of alerts and send email, and schedule the process.


I hope this can help you!


Best regards,


Fluorite | Level 6 BO1
Fluorite | Level 6

Hi Juan,


Thank you very much for your answer!


We are using the thirth option: scripted load/upload of the tables. I do like your first option although the following sentence is not clear to me: "identify the sas script that loads the table and send an email if there is an error ". Will the Error be captured into the SAS Script itself? Or do you mean that I should examine the log files that are created during the execution of the script that loads the table?



Meantime I found some other possible ways to go:


- SAS Visual Data Builder: Get MAX Timestamps from all my SAS LASR Sources, Store them in a table and finnaly load that table into the memory so that I can use it in a Report.

- SAS Stored Process: Again get MAX Timestamps from all my SAS LASR Sources and then output it in a report via a Saved Process Object.


What do you think about query the MAX timestamp from the various LASR Sources and output that in a report?


Thanks again!


Kind Regards,


Fluorite | Level 6 BO1
Fluorite | Level 6

Hi Juan,


Would you be so kind to explain me a bit more option 1 (please see my questions in my previous answer).


Thank you in advance and for the help so far!


Kind regards,




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