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Obsidian | Level 7

Hi ,


How can I map my Treemap be colourful. Defining Display Rule for group of data is fine but what if I have numerous distinct values.

Let me explain a bit more.

For example my data contains : User , datasets , size of dataset , age (no of days since created).

I want to arrange the treemap on the basis of size of datasets to find which all users are accounted for large space consumptions.

When I drag and put users in the treemap all the users get same colour.

I want diff colour for each user.

Please let me know if I sound verbose/ambiguos , I will attach some screenshots.



Pratik Singh

Meteorite | Level 14

Hi Pratik,


If you are after a different colour for each user, you may want to use a Graph-Level or Report-Level display rule where you can specify the color for each user. Some information on this can be found in the SAS Visual Analytics User Guide: Add Report-Level Display Rules.


Kind Regards,


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Obsidian | Level 7

Hi Michelle ,


My point is that if I have a report whose data is refreshed weekly and the users(no of users is large and not constant) are added/removed, in that case it will be hard to follow this approach. Here in order to make it look colourful I have added the display rule on sizeofdatasets (0-5 blue ,5-10 red etc)which is the deciding parameter for the size of the boxes in treemap.If I remove that display rule all user will be of default colour and defining a different colour for all users manually will take lots of effort.



Meteorite | Level 14



i understand. Display Rules are good for static category data types. You can use a color on a measure type data item in a tree map. If you change sizeofdataset to a measure, it can be used in a role that determines color and you have options in the properties tab to change the gradient color.


Kind Regards,


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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Maybe a bar chart that ranks the data sets by size or by user is a better choice for how you want to see the data.


I think you have to decide if its more important to see all the datasets/users at once (if so use the treemap) or to see the top 10 datasets/users eating the space (if so use a bar chart).  



Just a suggestion.


Tricia A

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