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Calcite | Level 5

Hi all,


I followed steps for designing a new Theme in 'SASThemeDesignerForFlex'.

Successfully deployed the Theme.

But the theme replicates on Objects,Data ,Imports marked in red in edit view.

But my requirement is Theme designer should be able to apply colour to section Tabs highlighted in yellow.

Also want a background image to be seen in report view.Capture.PNG

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10






The above is Basic, If u want specific colour you can change Tab colors from Theme Designer.

Hope thiswill help you,



Thanks & Regards,

Teja Surapaneni

Calcite | Level 5

Dear Teja,


I am aware of this way.

But i want to have different colours for the section tabs,along with different colour for Text into it.

So want a theme which is created,deployed and should have its colour effects replicated into report objects in report view.

And not other options (eg.Data,Object tabs into report edit view). 

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Hello Paresh,


I don't think it is possbile to assign different colours for different section tabs (Section1, Section2, etc,....) and different text colour input.


In my knowledge,  you can assign single colour for all section tabs.


Thanks & Regards,

Teja Surapaneni 

SAS Employee

Hello pareshrodrigues,


At this time, it is not possible to set the color of section tabs within a report using Theme Designer.


Theme Designer also does not have a way to allow for the selection of background image for reports. However, I see that you are using the precision layout option, in which it is possible to place an image then overlap it with other elements.


Hope that helps!



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