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Fluorite | Level 6

Hello All,

We have a dashboard that shows weekly sales figures and Year to date figures for a variety of products. To view weekly data we have a list object with week ending date that filters the different KPI's in the dashboard. We also use the chosen week ending date as a parameter to show applications data for the last 10 weeks.

The purpose of the list object with week ending date is to allow the user to look at data as of that week for the last 5 to 10 weeks but we also want the report to show the current week data when the user opens it. They can then use the list control object to look at different weeks if needed.

To set it automatically to the current week, we selected the 'initially select first item' check box in the options menu for the list object, but once we assign a parameter to this object, this option disappears.


Without parameter the option appears: screenshot below



After assigning the parameter,



This option is no longer available, screenshot below


Is there a solution to use this option simultaneously with a parameter?

Really appreciate your input on this


Many Thanks,

Rhodochrosite | Level 12


I did a work around where I used ranking to get the lastest data and also rolling 30 days.

When the users opens the report it always shows the latest data and if they want they can change the date using a drop down.



I added a parameter to the drop down. The purpose is to store the selected date. I set default values to 1939 and 2039.

I then added a data source filter to do the filtering:

date <= [date parameter]


I also created a numeric variable from the date to use in the rankings.


The BANs and the bar charts shows the latest figures using rank (hope you get the swedish :)):



The line chart shows the rolling 30 days also using rank:



Hope this helps you 🙂




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