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here is my question: a company would like to provide SAS VA reports (on SAS Viya)  to its end users  in the language chosen by the end users (es. English or Spanish or Portuguese).

After a preliminary analysis, there are two main aspects to solve:

1) using the correct language when the user log in the SAS VA environment.

2) using the labels for data, descriptions for graphs and tables and every text used in the reports: namely  if the langhage chosen is Spanish, the data labels, report descriptions etc. must be in Spanish. 


I browsed the SAS VA Community site  about how to provide the same report in different languages in SAS VA and found some articles/papers about  it, but they refers to SAS VA version 7.1  (es. the Amadeus one and the LocalizeReports.pdf).


I was thinking about using parameters for the different languages but I would like to know the possible options available.

Thanks in advance.



This is the Visual Analytics 8.5 documentation on localizing reports: 
Localizing Reports


This is the Visual Analyics 2021.2.6 documentation on localizing reports: 

Localizing Reports 

SAS Employee

Hi @sassy7,


I'm not sure which version of the product you're using, so I'll mention this. In addition to the doc links that @Madelyn_SAS provided, there's a SAS Global Forum 2019 paper that explains how to use the CLI (command line interface) to localize reports into multiple languages. See What’s New for Report Localization in SAS® Visual
Analytics. (The paper focuses on the 8.3 release, but should also apply to later releases.)






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