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Fluorite | Level 6
In my iPad after login into sas analytics app whenever I tried to open any report it asking to enter my password again and again.
Can anyone help me to resolve this

@Madelyn_SAS is this something you could help with?


No quick answer I'm afraid but several questions:


- Do you mean that whenever you open any report, you get the actual SAS Logon popup again as if you are suddenly unauthenticated? Or some different password prompt?

- Is it every time you open any report or can you sometimes get into a report without having to re-enter credentials? Trying to get a sense of the frequency of the password prompt. 

- Do you know if any other users at your site have this same issue? 

- Are you connecting over a VPN?


If it is not every report every time, I wonder if there is some timeout kicking you out a little too quickly. Or a something to eliminate if you haven't done this already is to uninstall and reinstall the app to ensure that we have both the latest version and any saved user data is cleared out. 


Otherwise, you might need to open a tech support track here (US link but may need to switch to your region):


Fluorite | Level 6
After login whenever I tried to open any report a different screen will pop up to enter password (only) to open that report
Fluorite | Level 6
Request your to kindly assist for above mentioned issue

As I mentioned, I think your best course of action is to get a technical support track opened. This might require a bit more investigation than can be done over the SAS communities. 

I also didn't see answers to the other questions I had asked which I'll summarize here:

  • Do you see this happen for every report you try to open all of the time?
  • Does network connectivity matter, for instance if you're connecting over VPN or from an office location? 
  • Are you aware of any other users in your organization that have the same issue?

A screenshot of the prompt you're getting might be useful too, it's still not clear to me if you're seeing the actual SASLogon prompt or something else. 



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