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Barite | Level 11

I was looking for interview questions on SAS Visual Analytics. Just I want to know the exceptations from employers to SAS VA beginner. I do understand that it depends on the requirement , but I would like to know the things which I should know when apply for SAS VA developer for 1year experience.


Thanks in advance for any help you offer me.

Tourmaline | Level 20
I don't really like the trend of listing interview questions. The extreme result is that people that doesn't know anything on the subject could do well on the fact based part of an interview, hence fooling the employer.
So my answer will be on more general terms. I would consider VA a quite simple product to learn, so I would suspect that a person that has on year full time experience with the product should be able to master it. One way of showing this is by passing a certification.
If it's a large site there are probably multiple roles: platform and meta data admin, etl/data preparation and aplication/report builder. You might want to specialise in on of these directions.
Data never sleeps
Barite | Level 11

Thanks for the reply. May I know the topics that you except from novice SAS VA user to be knowing before appearing for the interview? Reason for asking is that I would like to do a self evaluation before I tell to someone as a VA user.

Tourmaline | Level 20
Eh, no.
Learn VA and you'll get confident about your own knowledge - no need to worry about specific questions.
Data never sleeps
Calcite | Level 5

I am experienced in SAS VA and I have SAS VA certification too. Get in contact at



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