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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

I would like to create a simple two line object title for a bar chart in SAS Visual Analytics 8.5.2.

All I want to do is add a line-break character somehow so that the long title breaks where I want it to break.

The screenshot below of my contrived example shows the problem. I want to insert a line-break before the word "However".

Am I missing something simple here? I know that titles should not be very wordy, but sometimes it helps to have a little explanatory text as line #2 of a title.

Breaksea Sales 01 - Bar Chart with Long Title.PNG


Downunder Dave

SAS Employee

Hey @DaveShea! You cannot put carriage returns within titles, but you can use a text box above your visualization to create a title and add a description. You can reduce the padding of each object to make the text a little closer to the chart. Unfortunately when exporting the bar chart as an image the text will not be there, but a simple screen grab or snipping tool can solve that.


Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Hi Stu,


Thank you for your suggestion about using a text box over the titles area to achieve the multiple line titles that I want. Whilst I can see it might get me over the hump, occasionally, having to use that as a workaround all the time would become tedious and I think, with a grown up product like SAS Visual Analytics, it should not be necessary.


I think, SAS Visual Analytics should offer the ability for two or three separate title lines to be defined for an object, if the user wants to use them.


I have put up a SAS Ballot item which I hope people might vote for:


In my view, anything that encourages more users to do more things with SAS Visual Analytics can only be a good thing.


Thanks again for your ideas.


Downunder Dave




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