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Hi VA Community,


Get a taste of what SAS Visual Analytics 7.5 has to offer from SAS R+D Director @JeffDiamond at SAS Global Forum 2019. Set to become available in late May, there are three main points to call out:


1) It's completely HTML-based, so no more flash technology. IT looks almost exactly like VA version 8.x.

2) SAS Visual Analytics Explorer, Designer and Visual Statistics are now melded into a single app: Visual Analytics.

3) There are over 100 new features that have been incorporated in SAS VA 8.x, including two net new features.


Watch to learn more.



Shout out to @RickStyll_SAS for filming this video!

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Pyrite | Level 9

It rocks! I can't wait to get it!

Thanks for the link and the summary, Anna!
Fluorite | Level 6

Does it have viya features


@haneesh312 wrote:

Does it have viya features

That depends on what you mean. The user interface and reporting functionality are very similar to Visual Analytics 8.3, which is on Viya.


The 7.5 release is not on the Viya platform and it uses a LASR backend rather than CAS.

Calcite | Level 5
Looking so great, especially the value fields rather than making dynamic calculated vars in text boxes.

Quick question: I have our platforms scheduled for upgrading from 7.4 to 7.5/9.4m6 in June; will the current VA .2g reports be good to go on the new version, completely plug and play or will some extra conversion/work need to be applied/looked into, like when converting to VIYA? The thought of converting and rebuilding 100s of reports isn’t exactly something I’d look forward to. Hopefully they can be applied as is on the new platform but any reassurance/clarity on this would be preferred. Thanks!
Pyrite | Level 9

Hello @Baskerwil,


VA 7.4 -> VA 7.5

The plan is to provide "update-in-place" without the need of migration project i.e. existing reports will be rendered as HTML5 without the need for explicit migration effort. 


During the next weeks we will get more information is it 100% no work or is there a little something that needs tinkering.


I hope this helps for now.




Calcite | Level 5
VA 7.4 .2g reports *
Meteorite | Level 14

It seems that SAS Visual Analytics 7.5 is now released.


Read the differences between 7.4 and 7.5 at

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SAS Employee

There are a few differences in terminology for 7.5. That's covered in the What's New doc here:



Obsidian | Level 7

Hello Anna Brown!! Question concerning migrating VA reports built in 7.4 to 7.5 -- Will all the interactions between objects, parameters, et cetera all remain intact and unchanged??


Will we be able to (in 7.5) import or open a VA report build with 7.4 and save it as 7.5 seamlessly without causing any issues?


My question stems from my library of pre-existing reports built in 7.4 and the hundreds of interactions that exist between objects. I'm hoping you'll be able to reply "don't worry, all has been considered and a smooth transition is provided for."


Thanks in advance for your reply. Nice meeting you in Dallas SASGF... Looking forward to next year in DC.


Community Manager

Hi @elkinsbe/Ben! 


Thanks for your question - I'm sure a ton of others have the same one. And great to meet you as well! DC will be an incredible event.


Back to the question, I'm glad to indeed respond with "Don’t worry, all this has been considered and a smooth transition is provided for." 🙂


Per the development team:


All the interactions between objects, parameters, etc. will all remain unchanged and intact.


The process is the same as in previous releases of Version 7.  You can upgrade in place and the reports will just open or you can setup a test environment, export some reports from VA 7.4 and import them into VA 7.5.


Please let us know if any problems are encountered, but none are expected.

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