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Fluorite | Level 6


I would like insert a image or text in report head (that is near report control) because it must be always visible.

Then I would like to insert a link page on image or text.

Is it possibile?



SAS Employee

Hey @KOKIUSMAT! While you cannot add any images or links to a report control section, you can add headers to each page. I recommend adding a header to each page that you'd like to have the header shown.


To add a link to an image:

  1. Drag an Image object onto the report and load an image to it
  2. Click the image object. In the right-hand pane, select "Actions."
  3. Expand the "URL Links"  section and click "+ New URL Link"


  4. Add your URL and click OK


To add a link to text:

  1. Add a new text object 
  2. Type in some text
  3. Highlight the text, then click the "Add URL Link" button:
  4. Add your URL, then click OK
  5. OPTIONAL: Links in Visual Analytics are colored black and underlined. If you'd like to use a traditional blue URL link, change the text color to #0000ff, located about far-left-center in the color picker within Visual Analytics.


Fluorite | Level 6
thanks, but it is possible to put the object in head of report, that is in the top of the page ? I want it is always visible for all pages
SAS Employee

Unfortunately it is not possible at this time as the report control section is reserved only for report controls. I recommend posting this feature request in the SASWare Ballot page. I'll also pass this along to Visual Analytics Product Management so that they are aware of this need.

SAS Employee

One additional piece of information that might be useful, you can create a custom theme in the Theme Designer with a logo that is always visible at the very top of the application (above the report controls), but it is currently not possible to create a link from it. More information on that is here:


Here I've added the SAS Logo in the upper left corner:




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