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Obsidian | Level 7

Hello Team,


We need to show the origin> Parents >Childs functionality along with details.

(e.g. # Customer> accounts > transactions > beneficiary account > list of beneficiary account > further transactions > again beneficiary accounts > customers )


Can we achieve above part using Predecessors and Successors? if yes can you please give us some highlight on the data table which are basically required to be available for Predecessors and Successors?


If no, can we create such network diagram in SAS VA along with details( like "from and to" account number along with transaction amount on the transactions arrow)?


If yes, please provide approach.



Dipan Arya

SAS Employee

Hi, Have you tried creating a hierarchy out of the described levels (e.g. customer -> accounts -> ..)? The network analysis supports hierarchies as input - some details are here. Just make sure to switch to hierarchical type in the options panel first. And yes, you can also assign related measures to things like node color or link width to highlight the level of relationship.


Once you have your network - there is also the option to set a specific node as root (RMB click -> Set as source node) and have predecessors/successors selected given the distance to this node. Some details are here. This is sometimes useful in order to filter out unwanted sub graphs.


Alternatively - you can create a special table with source and target columns as described in the doc - this is known to VA as 'ungrouped' network. This is a very common structure when doing network analysis - but given your details below it seems your current structure is rather transnational so a hierarchical network may be easier.



Hope this helps. Regards, Falko



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