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Fluorite | Level 6

Hello All,


Do we have some Naming conventions for SAS VA Tables, Views, Reports, Explorations, HDFS, DI jobs, QUeries, Source, VA Jobs?

SAS Employee

Hi @Gaurav_Singh,


Can you provide more detail about the conventions you're looking for? 


SAS Visual Analytics doesn't require users to use certain names for report objects, reports, or visualizations. 


In SAS Visual Analytics Explorer, the visualizations are given a name by default (for example, Exploration 1 or Exploration 2).  However, users can change the visualization name.


In SAS Visual Analytics Designer, the report objects are given names by default (for example, Bar Chart 1 or Treemap 1).  However, users can customize the report object names.  By default, reports in SAS Visual Analytics are named Report 1, Report 2, and so on.  Users can change these names too.  You can name your report jobs in SAS Visual Analytics Designer.  (The report job name cannot contain blanks, white space, or certain characters, like exclamation points or dollar signs.  For the full list of characters that aren't allowed in a report job name, see "Add a New Report Job" subtopic in the Distributing Reports topic in the SAS Visual Analytics 7.3 User's Guide.)



Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

I have not seen a consistent method adopted in organizations - usually just having the objects in different folders seems to serve the purpose. I did notice one customer using "dataset_name_LASR" and "dataset_name_HDFS" to assist with identifying the source.


You may want to think more carefully about the folder structure and metadata folder structure.

Tricia Aanderud

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