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Calcite | Level 5

We recently upgraded Visual Analytics to 7.5 and I'm testing out the software.  I have a previous exploration that is now a report.  I'm trying to assign parameters to a 3 drop-down lists.  Eventually I need the drop down boxes to filter the selections of each other.


I have 3 parameters (Selected Commodity, Selected Plant-Line, Selected Year) defined.  In none of the drop down lists will it allow me to assign a parameter to the parameter role.  Two of the list boxes have numeric values and 1 has category.  I have the parameters created to match. 


I've tried the list box inside a prompt container and not.


I cannot figure out the secret handshake for it to allow me to assign a parameter to a drop-down list.




The drop-down list enables you to add numeric parameters only when the Category role uses a numeric data item that has been converted to a category, making the value a discrete numeric value: 

  • The button bar control or drop-down list control accepts a character parameter, a datetime parameter, or a numeric parameter if a discrete numeric data item is assigned.

I don't know why you would not be able to select a character parameter for the dropdown list. What do you have assigned to the Category role? 

Calcite | Level 5

Drop-down List 1 uses a Numeric variable classified as a Category.

Drop-down List 2 uses a Date/time variable formatted as Year and classified as a Category

Drop-down List 3 uses Character variable classified as a Category

In each of the lists I have Frequency chosen as a measure.


The drop-down lists themselves work.  I have them in a prompt container on the Report.


I have 3 parameters defined, 2 as Measures and 1 as a Category.


When I click Add on Parameter, the Add Data Item opens but says "No data items available for role."



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