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Fluorite | Level 6



I am working with SAS Visual Analytics 7.4. I have several data sources which all are connected via an ID variable for the subjects (Data source A with ID, Data source B with ID etc.). I am trying to create visualizations so that the user could choose some rows from data source A in tab 1 and move to tab 4 to see information about the same subjects from data source D highlighted. This should also work in the opposite direction: by choosing rows from tab 3 which has data from source C, user should see the subjects highlighted or filtered in tab 1. I have roughly 20 tabs and ~10 data sources. 


tl;dr: Is it possible to create two-way (or multi-way) interactions between multiple report sections and different data sources in SAS VA 7.4 when you have an ID variable in the data?


Thanks in advance and please ask, if something was left unclear.

- RL

Rhodochrosite | Level 12

I would say least not in 7.4

In 8.2 you have more functionality in interactions, but still I think you can't get exactly what you want.


One thing I learnt about dashboard/report design is not to redirect the user or force them to change page to get more information, as soon as you leave the original it's hard to keep the connection...


Why not try to gather important objects on the same tab/page instead?

One thing you also can do is to define a tab as a pop-up-windows that can be opened by double click on for example a bar chart or list object.


It is possible to link different data sources via for example an ID, but I think you need to have them on the same tab.






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