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Pyrite | Level 9

Hello experts,


I am working on VA 7.5 dashboard. Requirement is to create primary page for multiple domains. So I am trying to create dashboard (Attached Screenshot) like this but it seems like very basic for client.


Do anyone have created similar type of dashboard which refer to multiple reports from primary common page and also looks better. 

I am just trying enhance look for this dashboard. 


Please dont judge by this query but I am having limited knowledge of SAS VA and very bad at designing as well 😅


I am sure you will get other suggestions from the community, but you can also look through the Visual Analytics gallery for ideas.


SAS Employee

Typically with a dashboard, you want to convey at least one metric that is important to the domain.  Thus, the end user gets a quick overview.  If you don't have a metric, then a background image that links to another report looks flashy.  Below is just a quick example of delivering a metric on each domain that can be clicked on to see more in depth reporting.  You want to incorporate colors that are the theme of the customer.




Pyrite | Level 9

@KeithM @Madelyn_SAS  Thank you for inputs. I totally understood your inputs, will try to implement the same. 


Additionally, I just wanted to ask can I add background images like attached screenshot herewith. (e.g. Books , Word count background, Camera )



SAS Employee

Below is an example where I used 3 object:  Precision Container, Key Value, Image.  It takes some trial and error.  You basically add the image and the key value to the precision container.  Set the height and width on key value and image to be 100%.   Adjust the size of the precision containte to your desired size.



Lighten the background image by changing the background percent on the Key Value.


Original Image Color:



In regards to finding images, if you search the web you will find some that are free and some with a fee.  




Pyrite | Level 9

@KeithM Thank you so much for your efforts . This will help me to enhance the dashboards look


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