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Calcite | Level 5

I have created data query  DQ1 in data builder  using source table TAB1 and target table TAB2.


Problem : If metadata of TAB1 is updated (exp labels are changed for few columns ) , data query DQ1 is not automaticaly refreshed/updated, it still uses old labels from the table. But if we delete that column from DQ and again add that column we get new label (need to re-login).


How can we auto refresh data query in data builder , to have same metadata information as in source. Is there anyway ?


SAS Employee

Dear vivekk17,


To get the data query to periodically refresh, you can create a ‘schedule’ for it to run. Every time the schedule runs the query, it will pick up changes that were made to the source files.


However, I don't believe that this works if you delete a column or change a column name (in other words, the schedule should work just for data updates). In thie case of column name changes or deletions, you could try opening the data query, removing the table in question and then re-adding it.


Here’s a community article that I created a few months ago about creating schedules, if this also interests you:



Best regards,


Calcite | Level 5

Thanks for Information.


But by refresh I was talking about refresh of metadata of data query i.e for example any change in label at source metadata should reflect in data query .Currently for existing column used in query it wont reflect but if we drag the same column after making change it reflect.


Got information from other post that Query is stored both as metadata and in stored server. Also checked with SAS consultant , currently unfortunatley there is no way out to update/refresh query metadata programatically .


Currently we are doing it manually comparing metadata for source and target and updating 'labels' in query manually to be in sync.





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