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Fluorite | Level 6



I have a simple query. I am trying to get output from selected variable if i apply diffrent limits then it should give me output of selected range


What i am facing is if i select show me values that are out side of is shouwing correct result 

but if i select show me number of article outside of value 75..what it is showing is under 100 and above 75..


I want to see all the values above 75....


Following you will see the program that i wrote 


IF ( 'RFPSCW'n > 100 )
RETURN 'For 100'
  IF ( 'RFPSCW'n > 75 )
  RETURN 'For 75'
  ELSE ( 
 IF ( 'RFPSCW'n > 50 )
    RETURN 'For 50'
    ELSE 'other' ) )

please help to solve this 


Thanks in advance 

This doesn't appear to be a SAS program. Of course I could be wrong and there might be some SAS product that would accept this code.

At any rate, the results you are seeing illustrate the meaning of the word ELSE. Try getting rid of "ELSE" and see if the program still works.
Fluorite | Level 6

It is an SAS Program

umm...dont concentrate on RFPSCW word..thats the contain lot of observation with diffrent values....

coming to your point..i completely agree it would be a problem of ELSE ...what are your personal idea to use insteasd?
Super User

This is certainly NOT a Base SAS data step program. If you have that in a data step, it's only a big sequence of syntax errors.

Note: "if" REQUIRES a "then", and the statement MUST be terminated with a semicolon before the "else".

With which SAS product/module are you using this code?



IF ( 'RFPSCW'n > 100 )
RETURN 'For 100'
  IF ( 'RFPSCW'n > 75 )
  RETURN 'For 75'
  ELSE ( 
 IF ( 'RFPSCW'n > 50 )
    RETURN 'For 50'
    ELSE 'other' ) )


Fluorite | Level 6

Hello KUurtBremser


I am using now SAS VA product


Kind of online integrated SAS application to analyze production data


One quick que


If i want to get output for the same with IF ELSE and THEN statement


What would be your program?


Thanks in Advance

Fluorite | Level 6
Thanks for reply

Do you have any programe for example for assigning different limit to the values?

Could you please share
Rhodochrosite | Level 12


How do you select the values?

I assume you want to select only on value and get several intervals (>100, >75, etc)


One way is to make it possible to select one or more values for example in a list object and then  name the values like (x>100, 75 <= x < 100, 50 <= x <75, etc).


Could that help you?



Obsidian | Level 7
I have the same issue, can't get the calculated item in SAS VA to evaluate the second if...

IF ( 'Make'n In ('Ford') )
RETURN 'Blue Oval'
IF ( 'Type'n In ('Sport') )
RETURN 'My Favorite'
ELSE 'Everyone Else' )

Did you ever get a resolution?


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