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Calcite | Level 5

- In dashboard we have interaction, bar charts and table. The table is in lasr  has 160 million record and 30 column. Out of 30 column 24 columns are character and 6 columns are numeric. 24 column also includes user name (lets assume tom, sam etc). Lets assume out of 160 million, 4000 records are of SAM, 10000 records are of tom.

- Sam login from web portal and will see dashboard that he is suppose to see based on access set in above table. Interaction, charts response time is fast but to display 4000 records in table in dashboard is taking a long time.  The dashboard will be accessed concurrently by many users and is dynamic ( Today SAM has 4000 records after 2 days SAM may have 3500 records)

- How to we increase the the response time of displaying table in dashboard? We tried reducing the length of character column but didn't helped much.

Any other approach that can be tried to increase response time of displaying table in dashboard?

Calcite | Level 5

I think it's best that you lodge a support ticket with SAS because performance can be depended on number of things and one of them would be your IT infrastructure, network setup

You may need webex to show them the exact detail and also prepare to transfer the file

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Hi there,

please consider to split up your list table in multiple list tables.

start on the left side with one of the most common report fields.

So this table will contain only several records.

put  more list tables to the right and link them from left to right.

fill the other list tables with more indepth report fields.

no the user automaticaly makes pre-selections from left to right,

filtering and speeding-up the performance.

works for me....

greetings, Peter

Obsidian | Level 7

I guess you might have to scale up underlying hardware...might have to add more nodes in LASR.




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