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Calcite | Level 5



I'm Gie new uers I would like to raise a question regarding bandwidth requirements. On how we estimate or calculate.


We have new project under SAS VA and have 3 different region of location via our MPLS. I cannot find some reference or documents on how we calculate or estimate the bandwidth needed for SAS VA project.


Hoping you can share some documents.


Thank you and regards,



Tourmaline | Level 20
Is your concern the web application or the data transport to the VA/LASR Server?
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Opal | Level 21

It would not be advisable to have your SAS VA servers spread over multiple data centres, unless you were doing a cloud-type architecture. Ideally SAS VA servers should be co-located and use fibre channels for data transfer.


Of course VA end-users can be geographically-dispersed and the bandwidth required to service VA web apps would be similar to other data-rich web apps.

Calcite | Level 5

Hi, SASkiwi.


First of all thank you for the response. Our setup is colocated in one of our subscribe datacenter and from there we have 3 regions connected via MPLS on difference service provider. Since we have different traffic pass on our MPLS which primarily voice and data. May question is do we have sample computation to estimate the bandwidth requirements for our SAS VA project. Please see below example data

Users per region: 3

Data: 500MB

allocated bandwidth per users: 150kbps

MPLS bandwidth per region: 4MBPS


Opal | Level 21

These are questions that SAS Tech Support may be able to help you with so I suggest you open a track.


At the end of the day you will still have to do your own testing to prove performance is acceptable. When we implemented VA we set  a benchmark of 10 seconds maximum response on simple dashboards and 20 seconds maximum response on detailed reports. I suggest you do something similar as it is the response times for the users that count. If it is too slow they wont use it.


In our experience it is the data volumes, the number of VA-created columns and formulas, and report complexity that have the greatest influence on VA report performance. I don't imagine bandwidth will have much impact unless it is severely constrained. I'd also watch out for latency issues over long distance links as well. For example we have two data centres, one in the same city and one 800km distant. Switching from local to distant doubles the time for a SAS table to open (in Enterprise Guide) from around 10 seconds to 20 seconds.    



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