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Obsidian | Level 7

Hi All,

We currently have SAS VA 6.2 installed, and are looking to present a specific report on a large display. The report consists of several different sections/tabs, and we are looking to see if there is a function to show this as a presentation, i.e. it slides from section to section say every 30 seconds. Also, we wanted to see if there is way to restrict this report from timing out as with other SAS VA users sessions.

Are either of these functions currently available or configurable?

Kind regards,


Calcite | Level 5

I don't think sliding through different sections is possible to view it like a slide show.

You could configure session timeout from management console. In this case, SAS support could do that for you.


Obsidian | Level 7

Hi Alex

Yes it is possible to change the timeouts for the SAS Web Applications, including VA.  This is documented in the Middle-Tier Administration Guide here.  It is not clear from the Guide whether it is possible to change the timeouts for the individual bits of VA (Hub, Explorer, Data Builder, Report Viewer etc.) independently (i.e. to be different) or whether they all have to be set to the same value, some experimentation would answer this. Unfortunately it's not a simple change, it involves rebuilding and redeploying the Web application.

As far as we are aware there is no "presentation mode" available in the VA Report Viewer - it is a nice idea though.



Obsidian | Level 7

I've just remembered that the newest version of the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office (6.1) has introduced the ability to open VA (6.2 and 6.3 only at present) reports from within Office applications, including PowerPoint.  This could be an alternative method of displaying your VA reports, and you wouldn't need to worry about timeouts either.



Meteorite | Level 14

As Mark mentioned there is the capability to open up SAS Visual Analytics Reports within the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office 6.1 and also Enterprise Guide as outlined in a recent SAS Global Forum paper, However time-outs may occur if the report is large as in the support note, 52677 - The SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office and SAS® Enterprise Guide® might time-out when you atte...

FYI, there is also a recent Usage Note that outlines the version compatibilities between SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office & SAS Enterprise Guide that may be useful 52813 - Support for SAS® Visual Analytics reports in the SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office and in SAS...



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