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Obsidian | Level 7

Hi Quentin,

i also tested a Stored Process with package results - same results (just a white screen in the iPad App).

Furthermore i set the Stored Process Server in Tracemodus and can`t find any execution of the Stored Process.

If i start the STP by Browser (VA GUI) or the by direct url access, everything is in the log.

Last but not least, I wrote a simple Stored Process to create a Dataset.

libname tmp "C:/va_testdaten";

proc sql;

create table  tmp.MyTest as

select * from sashelp.class ;


iPAD Access -> no Dataset created

Web -> Dataset created

I have no idea why, but across the iPAD App, the Stored Process did not run.

Is there something to configure?



SAS Employee

I haven't tested this, but I think from iPad the Stored Process runs when you download the report, or when you refresh (redownload) the report. Not when you just open it.

Does it work with a standard built in sample Stored Process?

Obsidian | Level 7

Hi Gergely,

i have deleted all the reports and STPs on the ipad. After this, i have

downloaded my test Stored Process / Report.

Again this did not run.

Also i tried the sample Stored Processes

- Sample: Hello World

- Sample: Server Test

They did not work and also produce a white screen.

Is somebody able to test this in his own environment (build a report with a sample Stored Process) ?



SAS Employee

Hi Marius

What is the version numbers for the VA and the iPad "SAS Mobile BI" application?

If you can view the STP output in the designer and in the web viewer (check from VA Hub)  it should also work in the Mobile BI app on the iPad.

No special configuration necessary.

May be you do not have access to the STP server.  Try this to check if you have access to the STP from you iPad:

*   decode the URL using any decoder. 

*   Use the decoded URL in the safari browser in the iPad and check if the STP works.  If the STP has access to server, it should work.

Also check if the STP has and any prompts to respond to?   The mobile app only supports default prompts.


Murali Nori

Obsidian | Level 7

Hi Murali,

your hint with the safari browser was really helpful.

I had to fix an IP problem and now everything works correct.

Thank you very much Smiley Happy


Super User

For the sake of others who might find this discussion in the future, can you describe the IP problem and the fix?

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Meteorite | Level 14

Hi Marius,

You may want to check that your VA Stored Process object in your report do not meet the limitations outlined in the VA User Guide (scroll halfway down the page) SAS(R) Visual Analytics 6.4: User's Guide - Use a Stored Process

I assume you have checked the box to "Show the log in the output" while you're testing.

Kind Regards,


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