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Obsidian | Level 7



We need to develop a VA report and in one tab, we want to display URL links so users can download XLSX files.


In this tab, there is 3 zones : Text, Dop-down list and Stored process :









The difficulty is that we need to generate specific URL link depending on the value selected in the Drow-down list.


We didn't find a way to make an interaction between Drop-down list and Stored process (to call the STP with Drop-down list selected value as parameter).


Is it possible to make such an interaction ?


If not, we can write a HTML page with some javascript code to display a drop-down list and generate the links but how can we embed this HTML page in the VA report ?


Or maybe there is another way to solve our issue.


Thanks for your help.

SAS Employee
In VA 7.5, you can display an HTML page in your report by using a Web Content object. I don't think this object is available in 7.4, unfortunately.
Obsidian | Level 7

For now, we have found a work-around by creating a tab for each value displayed in the drop-down list and each tab display the result of the stored procedure with a different parameter.

But as we will upgrade to SAS 9.1 TS1M6 and VA 7.5 this summer to avoid using Flash GUI, it's a great news to know that Web content object exist.



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