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Calcite | Level 5

I'm trying to import a local csv file using the SAS Data Explorer Visual Interface. The file is a two columns text file and both columns contain numerica values that should be interpreted as text.

All values are included between quotation marks (""), so I expect that the are typed as VARCHAR, but this is not the case.

I've tried to create an additional import options to force the type to be VARCHAR, but it didn't work. The import option I've used to force the two fields ("Codice IDBRE" and "Codice SASCN") to be typed as VARCHAR is the following:

Option name: variables

Option Value: [ {"name":"Codice IDBRE","type":"VARCHAR"}, {"name":"Codice SASCN","type":"VARCHAR"}, {"name":"Descrizione Impianto","type":"VARCHAR"} ]


I've attached a sample of the File I'm trying to import

Super User Tom
Super User

Shouldn't you read the CSV file into a SAS dataset before trying to pass it to SAS VA?  


Did you mistakenly try to use some guessing tool to read the CSV file, like PROC IMPORT?

It is trivial to just READ the file instead of trying to IMPORT it.

For example if the CSV has two variables of length 20 or less and a header line the data step to read it would look like this:

data want;
  infile "myfile.csv" dsd firstobs=2 truncover;
  input var1 :$20. var2 :$20.;
Calcite | Level 5

Tom, thank you for your answer. Unfortunately my account has not access to the SAS programming interface, hence the only possibility I have to import a local file is the "Import" command of Visual Analytics GUI


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