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Obsidian | Level 7

Hi all VA experts 🙂

I'm having an admin issue. In a VA7.3 environment, some user need to have the ability to import sas dataset directly form the server machine. We have an App server, one for every kind of this users, and a corresponding LASR server. The user actually can import the data, but when they use the "Server>Sas dataset" import option the popup window that let them choose the dataset, let them browse the entire server folder tree. Is there a method to lock down thi window to just the server location they can access? Already tried by setting the workspace server start folder, but with no luck.

We've tried also to use the lockdown property for the workspace server, but in this way the user are no more able to start and stop their LASR server (and also it dows not either seems to work for the browsing ability...)


Thank 🙂

Obsidian | Level 7

After some more search, I find out that when you go to import a dataset from report designer:
1. The interface that let you choose what dataset to import is made with the SASApp>Pooled workspace server
2. The interface that let you choose the dataset, and hence browse the file system, is made by the SASApp Logical worksapce server.

Deny the access to this two server from the SASMC to the user importing data make impossible to proceed, with some error message displayed...


Putting the lockdown on that workspace server actually limit the ability to navigate the file system, but the problem now is how to tell VA to use the newly created WS server and not the standard one!!! 😞



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