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Obsidian | Level 7

Hi all,


I have some doubts.


My requirement is when user put the value from  today date in From text input object and Future date in To text input object.

For example. Today date is 28APR2021 and user put to date is 01OCT2021.

So, Dashboard should be show only from 28APR2021 to 01OCT2021.


How can I get this? Please help me out.




SAS Employee



Does your data have rows for future dates, or does it only go up to the current day?


The way the Text Input control works, you can only specify values that exist in the data.


Aside from that limitation, it should be possible to create two text inputs, assign parameters to them, and then create a filter based on the two parameter values. But a Slider control is probably a better way to do this.



Obsidian | Level 7

Hii Sam,


Yes, I have some Future dates in data.


And yes, you are right about slider control for range, but here big task is today date, how can I put it in From ?



SAS Employee
You want today's date to be selected by default?

In a calculated expression you can use the Now() operator but I'm not sure if you can initialize the Text Input or Slider control to today's date if today is not the most recent date. You might want to submit a feature request if that is a requirement.

If it would be acceptable to have the From date fixed to Today, you could build your filter with a fixed starting point of today using an expression like this:

( TreatAs(_Number_, 'Order Date (daily)'n) BetweenInclusive(
TreatAs(_Number_, DatePart(Now())), TreatAs(_Number_,
'Parameter 1'p)) )

If you have the latest version of VA, the TreatAs operators above can be omitted.

Let us know if that helps,



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