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Fluorite | Level 6

Hi Everyone, 


I have one column name "month" which has 31 months

what i want to do is i want to limit number of months

for example :- Current Month followed by two future months and two previous month followed by current month

Like if current month is April then it has to show something like

FEb-MAR-APR(Current month)-MAY- JUN

Any one know, How we can do it in SAS VA 7.4?

Thanks in advance


One easy way to deal with this is to add a numeric month identifier variable to your data prior to loading into VA. Set current month data to 0, last month data to -1 and so on. Set next month +1 and so on. If you have a reporting date in your data it is easy to create this variable:

Month_Counter = intck('MONTH', today(), reporting_date);

You can then use the Month_Counter as a filter in all of your reports. For example where Month_Counter between -2 and +2 will select the months you want.

Fluorite | Level 6



I tried but not getting it, how to do it as I don't have any reporting date and my month is in char format to convert it to date, I am using following code 

input(month, dtdtm.) as new_month format=dtdate9.,

and how I will create the month identifier for it?


I am new to it 




Rhodochrosite | Level 12


Try this:

- Convert the character date to sas date using your input function. Lets say you call it date_num

- create a new date variabel which is 2 months greater than the new date variable using intnx('month',date_num,2). Lets say you call it date_num_plus2

- in VA create a prompt on date_num_plus2. Add a date parameter and assign it to the prompt.

- Create a data filter that selects month <= the parameter.

- In your visualizations use rank and pick the highest 6 on date_num.


Some work, but I think it would work 🙂


Fluorite | Level 6

No requirement is little different.

I am using cross Tab and I want to filter it there and it should change automatically for every current month.


if May is (Current month)

then it should show Feb-mar-apr(3 previous months)

and Jun-July(2 future months)

So in addition likewise it should change automatically for every current month without doing any changes.

Right now.

I created two fields min date and max date
with code
intnx('month',input(metric_month,anydtdte20.),-3) as min_date format=date9.,
intnx('month',input(metric_month,anydtdte20.),+2) as max_date format=date9.,

and when i am filtering it in cross tab using "month between incl max & min" its not filtering the months







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