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Calcite | Level 5

I want to find out how many distinct individuals have clocked in per day in VA.


Imagine a person clocks in every time they enter a building. I don't care if they enter building multiply times a day, but want to know how many unique individuals clock in per day.

Data I have is f.i. like this:    

Monday John
Monday John
Monday Michael
Monday Jake
Monday Bob
Friday Charles
Friday John
Friday Charles
Friday Bob
Friday Jake
Friday John


If I use just a 'Count' on the "Name" then I get 23, which is not what I'm after, since this counts all duplicates during a day.

If I use 'Distinct' then I get 6, which is not what I'm after either, since it won't separate days.


I want a total Distinct count per day, so the number I'm after from this example is 18. 

So I want a dashboard to saying that number 18, fairly simple to achieve in Excel but I can't figure out how to do this in VA.


Basically I need a 'Distinct' count for all values in "Monday" then a 'Distinct' count for all values in "Tuesday" and so on. Then I need to summarize the days to get to the total for the week.

Is this possible to achieve directly in VA?   Or would I need to prep data and create a separate column for each day?

SAS Employee

In Visual Analytics 8.3+, you can use the AggregateTable operator and average the unique values of (name, day), then sum them up.


AggregateTable(_Sum_, Table(_Avg_, Fixed('name'n, 'day'n),'Frequency'n))



You can add this to a crosstab and enable the Totals option. All of the totals should add up for you.



@Renato_sas  wrote up a really great overview of the AggregateTable operator in case you'd like to learn more about it. It can do a lot of really neat things. You can check that out here: SAS Visual Analytics Advanced Calculations part 2 of 4


Calcite | Level 5

Family id       Member ID              Name

      1                500                   Akash Sahoo

      1                501                  Bikash Sahoo

      1                502                  Soumya Sahoo

      1                503                  Ashutosh Sahoo

      2                600                  Santosh Behera

      2                601                  Prasant  Behera

      2                602                  Sidharth Behera

      3                700                  Dibya Sharma

      3                701                  Rohit Sharma


Create  a new calculation variable in SAS Visual Analytics Total Family Member I want to show in given below


Family id       Member ID              Name                Total Family Members

      1                500                   Akash Sahoo                    4

      1                501                  Bikash Sahoo                    4

      1                502                  Soumya Sahoo                  4

      1                503                  Ashutosh Sahoo                4

      2                600                  Santosh Behera                3

      2                601                  Prasant  Behera                3

      2                602                  Sidharth Behera                3

      3                700                  Dibya Sharma                   2

      3                701                  Rohit Sharma                    2

How to calculate in SAS Visual Analytics above problem ?



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