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Our client only has SAS visual analytic (SAS VA) available. We are requested to create reports using SAS VA, and then those reports are requested to append to provided PDF files dynamically ( i.e. pdf files changes weekly, report scheduled weekly, we need to combine the two weekly). I know Acrobat can do it easily, but client prefer to create report dynamically using SAS VA. Alternately, I think to output report direct to exist PDF (provide pdf), which I had done it in ODS output in SAS 9.4 by coding. Could it possible to do it in same way using SAS VA? Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

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I've  used SAS to create VBS code which appended the PDFs together. Base SAS plus permission to run VBS + Adobe Pro is required. Or an open source tool that can be called from command line. 


Basically SAS doesn't offer this functionality but many external apps do and that can be leveraged from SAS. 

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My headache is do everything us SAS VA only. This is our client's preference



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Open an official SAS support ticket. They will state if it's possible or not (not right now I think). 

You should do this anyway to have an official response if your a contractor. Also why they pay the license fee, use tech support. 


Or my solution, offer client the true options:


Quote 1 - develop add on to VA at cost of $xxxx and 1 month+

Quote 2 - use Adobe Pro for $x dollars and done in 1 day.


Most clients are actually quite reasonable BUT contractors rarely offer those options.  Projects are managed by PMs who don't understand the tech and besides option 1 is more billable hours. 


As a contractor I give my clients the option, but I don't work with big companies and have direct communication with my clients. In my day job working with big firms they've never once made that suggestion. It's also why I prefer to do as much in house and never contract out if possible. 


Sorry for the rant. 



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