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Calcite | Level 5



I am trying to work out how to plot records that have UK grid refs on a map of the UK. 


I have a list of records for the last 100 years that show where each species has been identified and would like to visualize the decline in some species over time.


Any advice is very welcome.

Thanks in advance, j

Amethyst | Level 16
Could you please provide sample data and expected graph any example
Calcite | Level 5

Many thanks for your quick reply. Please see two images below. Best regards, j





Calcite | Level 5

I now have four shape files that contain x y coordinates and a data file that I would like to plot that contains grid refs. I think I need to convert my grid refs to x and y coordinates. 

SAS Employee

If you just need the actual coordinates you could simply import your shape files into SAS. Related PROC IMPORT function helps you to import the shape file into a SAS data sets. Once loaded into Visual Analytics, you can define a new geographical item based on your x/y coordinates (latitude/longitude) and visualize the data using the object 'geo coordinates'.


I'm not too sure whether you wanted to visualize the actual grid ref cell as well? If so - you could try the 'geo region+coordinates' object and use the 'region' layer to visualize the cells. Now, for the region layer you will need a custom polygon provider representing the grid cells. There are a number of tutorials online how to create such provider - a good one to start is probably . I'm not too sure whether your shape files contains the grid cells or just the data for biodiversity? If you don't have the data, you could probably also create such grid data set using some basic coding.


There are some more information about custom polygon providers in the VA doc:


Hope this helps. Falko



Calcite | Level 5
Many thanks for this Falko.
Best wishes and thanks for your time and expertise,



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