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Calcite | Level 5



Im a beginner with SAS VA and have a question regarding how to drill into data after building a report via report designer. I have built the report off of a data source that resides in SAS EG that I loaded to LASR. SAS VA is reading the data in LASR and I am buiding the report off of it. So with the report, imagine that coulmn A has a persons name and column B has # of projects completed. There are alot of other columns/fields/data in the data loaded to LASR but I only want these two columns in the consolidated report.



A          B


Joe      10

Mike    15

Steve   12


My question is: If I want to see the underlying data that makes up the values, lets say 10, Is it possible to double click on one on the numbers and drill into/expand the data from SAS EG/ LASR that makes up this value? Perhaps the 10 is made up of 3 lines of data in SAS EG (7 + 2 + 1). Is there a way to drill into the report like a pivot table in excel and expand out the underlying data to see the 3 different lines?





Rhodochrosite | Level 12

I would create two tables, one with the aggregated level and one with the details and then link them together so when you click on the aggregated value the details are shown in the detail table 🙂

Calcite | Level 5

Thanks - do you have any helpful links that can show me how to link tables the way you describe? Thanks in advance

Rhodochrosite | Level 12


Just as an example I imported sashelp.class into VA.

I created a report with two tables, one with sex and age (I choosed average as aggregation down to the left) and one with name, sex and age.



I then created an interaction between the two by clicking on the interactions tab to the right and open interactions view. Then just drag a connection between the left and right table.



By clicking in a sex in the left table the right table will be filtrated by that sex.



Hope this give you some ideas 🙂


Opal | Level 21

You may also want to explore having a Cross Tab report with a hierarchy created for the category columns. This allows you drill into a particular category and expand the hierarchy underneath.



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