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Pyrite | Level 9



we built a report in VA which shows, among other things, a regional/geo map of customers; the underlying table is a huge dataset with all customers information, but on the map we only show their location grouped by region.

However, when a user right-click on such a map in the VA report viewer, the popup menu shows the option "export map" and in the form he can select the checkbox "detailed data" and download the entire dataset with all columns and rows!


This is a security issue since we don't want to let end users to access the dataset.

Is there a way to disable this detailed export?


[VA version is: 7.2]


Thank you



You cannot turn off the option to export detailed data but you can disable exporting completely by using the SAS Visual Analytics roles.

Pyrite | Level 9

Thank you for you answer, however users should be able to use the export feature to export simple data to excel... So there is no way to keep export enabled while preventing the user to download detailed data?


The purpose should be that the user should be able to export only what he sees.


Example scenario: we have a table with REGION | CUSTOMER_ID; we want to show the distribution of customers on a regional map; hence, we create a report with a regional map with REGION and COUNT(CUSTOMER_ID): then, if a user wants to export this data to excel (i.e. to do something else) he should export only this grouped table in excel, and NOT the CUSTOMER_IDs themselves! This does not make sense for us since if we liked to let the user to export the entire data we would provide him with direct access to the table instead of building a report... Smiley Indifferent

A hypothetical solution would be to directly load in VA the grouped table REGION|COUNT, so 1) the regional map would keep working and 2) even if the user would download the detailed data, all he would get is the grouped table REGION|COUNT. However, this "solution" requires to add a middle step of preprocessing to trasform our table REGION | CUSTOMER_ID in REGION | COUNT(CUSTOMER_ID), and this is extremely unconfortable and for all big tables and reports we use.


What would you recommend?

Thanks a lot


Calcite | Level 5

I see this message was written in May of 2016.  It's July now 2017. I'm curious if there is a way for to remove the option to select "detailed data" from a chart download. We are showing generic data in charts for external customers but there is highly classfied data driving these charts our external customers cannot see. Is this something SAS developers are still working on?

Obsidian | Level 7

I'm facing this same issue -- need to disable the ability to download detailed data on a map.  Is this functionality available in VA yet?

Opal | Level 21

We have just recently upgraded to VA 7.4 and as far as I can see you can't disable exporting for a particular report like a map.

Obsidian | Level 7

Having just upgraded our organisation is currently dealing with this issue. Would be great if we could get an update from a SAS employee as to whether this is on anyone's radar. No-one's going to use VA for remotely sensitive data if administrators aren't given the ability to disable exporting the detailed data.


One workaround I've found on a report designer level is that you can select an object and uncheck the 'Enable selection in the viewers' box in the properties pane. Note, however, that this will prevent the end user from (a) exporting the formatted data, (b) saving the object as an image, or (c) maximising the view of the object. Far from ideal, but seems like your only option if it's imperative to prevent users from accessing the row-level data.

Calcite | Level 5

We have been trying to find a way to remove this for some time and have finally come across a fairly obscure workaround: tested in SAS VA 7.4 Modern Viewer.


In the report you wish to remove the "Detailed Data" export function from:


  • Create a Custom Category on any data item. You're not going to use it so it can be anything.
  • Apply a filter to the report using the Custom Category. Untick the "Include missing values" on the filter (assuming this will not remove anything from your report - if it does, you may wish to create a different custom category)
  • Save the report - when you export now, the "detailed data" option will be gone!
Fluorite | Level 6



We came across the same issue. 


Another solution is as follow (tested in 7.4 Classic Viewer as well). 

- For all charts except geomaps: add a rank with the all other option checked. Set the top count on 999 to prevent a All Other bar from displaying. 

- For geomaps (since option All other in ranks is not possible): Use a aggregated filter on the object, uncheck the include missing values. 

- Aggregated filter will probably also work for the charts.


This should also work for SAS VA 8.3 so when upgrading to the Viya environment this 'feature' will still work.






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