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Calcite | Level 5

I’m struggling a bit here and would greatly appreciate any advice.


I have a date category, we’ll call it “submitted_date”, that uses day intervals.

If I want I can make more categories based on “submitted_date” by right-clicking it and hitting “create date hierarachy”, then un-hiding the newly created categories for the hierarchy.

This will give me new categories based on “submitted_date” that use month, quarter and year intervals.

But what I want is a new category based on “submitted_date” that uses a 6 week interval.

I wish to be able to have, say, a line graph that uses “submitted_date” and be able to filter that data in that line graph to show the data for a 6 week period rather than a month, quarter or year.


I am using version 7.2


Any suggestions?

Opal | Level 21

First I think you need to decide how your "6-week interval" is defined. Do you want to align it with one of the week numbering standards of which there are at least 3 as defined here:


Or do you want it to align with calendar year, quarter, then 2 6-week intervals per quarter so you can construct a hierarchy?


It it is the latter then you won't be able you use SAS VA's automatic date hierarchies because they don't include 6-week intervals. Instead you will need to build separate year, quarter, and 6-week interval columns derived from your date column and then create a custom hierarchy based on the three columns.  



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