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Calcite | Level 5

Hi gurus,


I'm new to SAS VA. We are in the process of implementing the latest version (7.1 I think it is). I have one question I'd like your help with.


When you are building or viewing a report, you can view the Data elements in the Data panel. When you hover over an element you can view some details about it (name, datasource name, type, format, etc) - is there any way to extend this? We want to be able to show the definition behind calculations so that users can make an informed decision about what they are using and viewing.


Some examples of what we'd like to show:


We have an insurance division who need to see Gross Written Premium - we want to expose the definition of GWP (what it includes and doesn't include) to users

If we have a KPI on phone calls we want to be able to expose any scenarios that exclude a call from being included in the calc


Is this something that can be done in VA? If so, how?


Thanks for your help!!





SAS Employee

Hi Daniel,


SAS Visual Analytics 7.3 (and earlier releases) don't provide a way for users to customize the information about data items that's displayed in the data item table (below the list of data items) on the Data tab or on hover.  Only the name, classification, format, and aggregation are available.





Calcite | Level 5

Well that's a bummer! Oh well. At least I know now. Thanks for your help.

Opal | Level 21

An alternative way of displaying this type of information to users would be to have it in report commentaries.

Calcite | Level 5

Thanks for your suggestion. I might have a think about how we could use this effectively.



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