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Fluorite | Level 6

DearAll ,


Request help


I have two Tables X and Y .

 X contains goals for the current year

 y contains Achievements for the current year.


X TABLE                           Y  Table                        

.Location                           Location                                                                                                                           

Year                                  Rocket sales Achievement date (if date is marked we have to count a one achivemement)

Months                             Bat Sale          Achievement date (if date is marked we have to count a one achivemement)                         Rocket Goal

Bat Goal

Balls Goal

Wickets Goal


I find only location as primary key, but i think its maps up multiple location since day wise achivements are present.


Request help on how to map both the tables and get Goal Vs Ach




Fluorite | Level 6

Pls suggest me with an answer for the below question.





SAS Employee

Dear Soloman,


If I understand your question correctly, you would like to add more than one join condition between these 2 tables.  You can do this by creating a data query in the data builder (‘data preparation’ from the Home page).


Here’s some information about creating the data query using the data builder:


From your data query, you can add join conditions from the ‘Joins’ tab. Click the plus sign (+) to add additional joins. Here’s some more information about working with joins:


Afterwards, you can use your data query to create reports and explorations.


Please let me know if this was the information that you were looking for.


Best regards,




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