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Obsidian | Level 7
Hi Everyone,
I hope you guys have been doing well, I require a bit of assistance from you all and any help is much appreciated!.

I’ve multiple cross tabs with totals in a single page. I would like to sum all the totals in the existing cross tabs and have that in another crosstab as a row value. Is that achievable? If yes, please let me know how to make it happen. Thank you!.
Rhodochrosite | Level 12

Not well enough explained...

There are too many open questions before someone can give you advice. 

But I'll try.

I suppose that all cross tabs are drwan from the same table. 

And there are same thoughts like that are summed items should be of the same type, like frequencies, costs,...

And how do you handle overlapping values?


You cannot refer a total sum of a cross tab in another object.

If you cross tab 1 is about sum of turnover by region, your cross tab 2 has sum of turnover by brand.

If no filters apply, both sums are equal and summing them up does not make sense. 


It's not clear for me what you want to achieve. 


Obsidian | Level 7
Thanks for responding!. Here I can help you with clear understanding of my data and what I wanted to achieve.

I’ve a table which have columns named PRODUCT_TYPE, COST. The values of PRODUCT _TYPE are clothes, footwear and I’ve created two custom category data items to give the count of column values for PRODUCT _TYPE as well sum of COST column. I was creating a dashboard to show the summary report. I already created some cross tabs based on some filters. In those crosstabs the row value I used was the overall count of PRODUCT _TYPE and for Frequency SUMMED value of COST Column. For All the crosstabs I assigned COUNT, Summed Value of COST column as data roles based on some filters.

For instance in crosstab1 have values like this :
Count 300 21000

In crosstab2 have values like this :
Count 500 43000

The above values for crosstab1, 2 are based on some filters . Now I’d like to have another crosstab with those same values.

Required crosstab:

Count 800 64000

The above values have come by adding 300+500 and 21k + 43k. Please let me know whether this is achievable or not. Thanks a ton!. Please let me know if this doesn’t help.
Obsidian | Level 7
Could anyone please help me out on this!. Thank you

As acordes previously mentioned, you cannot take results from two separate crosstabs and use them in a third crosstab. Visual Analytics does not allow for that.


Rather what you will have to do is create aggregated measures that get you those same results (Counts of 300 and 500, and then Cost of 21k and 43k), and then use those aggregated measures in the crosstab. Without really knowing the data though I cannot say if this will actually be achievable, but this approach will be the only way Visual Analytics will come close to what you need if it can at all. 

Alternatively you might be able to achieve this by creating an aggregated datasource with the relevant columns and aggregations. But again without knowing the data, cannot definitively say this will work. 

Obsidian | Level 7
Appreciate it!.



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