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Obsidian | Level 7

Hi fellow VA-users.


Using VA 7.3 and trying to do, what inevitable will be a task for many...


Here is what I would like to do:

- Create a document with lots of text and embedding VA content (a neat report for our customers)

- VA content (graphs/tables/etc) varies based on a simple criteria (name of customer)


What drives me crazy:

- VA content can be filtered manually changing a report prompt within VA - I don't like the manual part

- Between 60-70 reports has to be created, each having different filter

- It should be mostly automatic, as this has to be done every quarter, and errors are not an option


I've tried looking into SAS Add-in for Office, but it seems I cannot script (VBA) the filter/prompt in 2G reports. I actually expected this option would work.

I've tried importing the 2G-report into Enterprise Guide, but it seems I cannot really do anything with the report after it has been imported.


So..what are my options? Is this possible?


Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

the way I read your problem statement

I guess that you have a list of the by-variable(s)

and you want a separate report for each value of the by-variable(s).



Here are two primers on both writing and calling programs.


The key idea of the list processing paradigm is to develop and test the subroutine which produces one report

separately from the building of and looping through the list of parameter values.


let me know that I am correct in my assumptions.


Ron Fehd  repetition maven




Obsidian | Level 7

Yes, you are correct.

It's like a simple where statement on a dataset.

I have this dataset with all kinds of information, but simply want to show only "where name='some name'".

It's easy in VA, but when I embed the VA report into an Office product, I cannot programmatically change the prompt (I have a dropdown in my report) or set a generel where-statement, thus not being able to automate the report-creations-process.




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