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Fluorite | Level 6

Hello everyone,


I am facing the following issue on SAS Viya VA (8.1): Several IDs are depicted on a geo map based on their coordinates (geographic data items created based on custom coordinates). When I click on a bubble on the map, a table on the left of the map is filtered showing details for the IDs.


But in some cases, two or more IDs' coordinates coincide (which is expected, it is not an error in the source data), so I get one bubble on the map for those. I have the following two questions for this case:

1.  When I click on the bubble, the table is filtered but it shows data only for one of the IDs (the one with the MAX(measure). How can I change this so that it shows data for all IDs on the same coordinates?  

2. In the same context, as I have used display rules on the map based on the measure, the color of the bubble is defined by the the ID with the MAX(measure). How can I change this so the colour changes based on the MIN(measure)?


Thank you very much in advance for any help! 

Pyrite | Level 9

Hello @annamerkou 


1. Level of details in a table

The List Table object aggregates data by default. In your case it aggregates to ID level. You can easily alter this behaviour.

  1. Open Options from the right pane
  2. Expand Table
  3. Select Detail data.

This specifies that the data is not aggregated.


2. Colour change

The data role that defines the colour can be seen and altered from the Roles.

You may need to create a duplicate of your current Measure and define the aggregation to MIN.




I hope this helps a little forward.


Best regards,
Petri Roine



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