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Hi All, I'm sure this has been asked but I'm struggling to get the county level map working.


First I followed this:

But i was struggling a bit to understand what the code was doing, and then stumbled onto this:


According to that second link, all I needed to do was register the new libref (and create directory), make backups of my ATTRLOOKUP and CENTLOOKUP tables, then drop the provided tables in and then drop the polygon file into the new mapscstm directory.


I've done that, then I have a dataset that is FIPs codes and a measure. For example, the FIPS codes are merely "US-01001" and the measure is a frequency count.


When I bring this into VA and go to map it, I select "Subdivision (State, Province) SAS Map ID Values" as my geography object and drop it into my regions plot. 


This seems to work, except nothing is actually plotted. I no longer get the error in the bottom corner telling me it couldn't map my FIPs codes, and I see the legend appear on the map. However, there are no polygons plotted or filled in. 


Can anyone explain where I went wrong? I was planning on really getting into the polygon-import script tomorrow, but for now I really needed a simple choropleth.


Thanks for your help,


SAS Employee

Hi David,


When registering the MAPSCSTM library as described in - have you properly registered this library in the autoexec as well as restarted the object spawner to let changes take affect? Also, every time you update the lookup tables - you will need to restart the web application server as tables are cached.


Can I assume you followed the specific example code for importing US counties as shown at ?


When you say - nothing is plotted. Have you tried both a geo bubble as well as geo region map? Does the geo bubble plot render? If so - it indicates that the overall registration is correct and entries in centlookup contain the correct centroids for each region. If geo region doesn't work - it usually indicates that the table references in centlookup can't be resolved (e.g. library not registered, table missing, etc.).


Finally, when defining the geographical item in VA - make sure to follow (Subdivision (State, Province) Names and select the entry matching you registered custom region)


Hope this helps. Let me know how you go.


Regards, Falko



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