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Obsidian | Level 7

Can we display parameter value on report header; suppose I have two parameters Location_P and Period_P. both link to tow different control (drop-down list or list). I want to display both parameter values on header I means in text box.

Like  REPORT ABC FOR Location_p under PERIOD  Period_P

If Location_P and Period_P parameter having value US and Dec-2015 respectively then below line I want to display in text box



Note:-This is for SAS Visual Analytics report


Could you please help on same

Thanks in advance  



Anand Kumar

Obsidian | Level 7
Doesnt your dropdown selected values will be a parameter values ?
Obsidian | Level 7

Location_P and Period_P both parameter have assigned for two different controller (under role tab). I am able to use both parameter in filter for any report object . But I want to display both parameters on text box, for report heading. Right now i have used list table for display location and period value by using parameter on filter. but it's not look good .

Obsidian | Level 7

How about creating a text box and assigning it to your Parameter value. But I think you can use a parameter in only one object. So, you need to create a new parameter and give the same value as your old parameter. 


Using a parameter in a text box is shown in the below video 


I am new to SAS VA, just learning it in the recent days, If my solutions does not work, please correct me.





Quartz | Level 8

I think it's not possible to use paramater values in text objects. It would be a much valued addition to SAS VA imho

SAS Employee

@Frank_Boekamp you are correct.  There is no way to use parameter values in Text objects at this time.


The best workaround is using the List Table.  But instead of using filters you can create a Calculated Item to display in the List Table.  For the Calculated Item you can concatenate strings and character parameters together as you like. (Note: you cannot concatenate numerics.) 


Since we cannot hide the column in the List Table - you may need to name the Calculated Item to your advantage:


Calculated Item name:  Report ABC


Report ABC = Concatenate(Concatenate(Location_P'p, 'under period '), 'Period_P';)


To make the List Table look better - you can increase the font size or change the font color.  You can even change background color of the List Table. 


I hope this helps,


Communities - Display Parameters 01.pngCommunities - Display Parameters 02.pngCommunities - Display Parameters 03.png
Teri Patsilaras is a Senior Manager in the Global Enablement and Learning (GEL) Team within SAS R&D's Technology Transfer and Governance Division
Obsidian | Level 7

Thanks TeriPatsilaras_sas, but I did same thing by use of list table but I need to show as header. If I am using list table then it's look like a box. Even after change color (white) of list back ground.

SAS Employee

Here is an additional approach that we came up with to solve the 'report header' issue.  This solution uses a calculated data item (Report Description) created in the designer that makes use of the concatenation and format operators.  The formula in text mode is here:

Concatenate('Report is for this period:  ', Format('Date by Month'n[Raw], 'MONYY5.'))

The report example includes a list table object that displays data for periods.  A period is selected using a drop-down list.  A button bar is incorporated to display the header text.  Interactions are defined between the drop-down list and the list table and the drop-down list and the button bar.  I have attached screen shots of the report in viewer mode, the calculation of the Report Description data item, the button style, roles, and properties, and the interactions.

I hope this solution will be useful to you.




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