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I'm trying to upload a csv file and Sas gave me that message:


Due to a network issue, browser type, or large file size, the file "Test.csv" was not transferred to the SAS server. 


log message: Read Access Violation IMPORT


I think this problem is related to permission, could anyone help me solve it?

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If it is a permissions issue then the first place to go would by your SAS admin or who ever sets up your SAS server.


Since file size is also a consideration how big is the file in question? You may need to provide that info to the admin as well.

Obsidian | Level 7

The file size is 4KB

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@HugoVini wrote:

The file size is 4KB

I think we can be pretty sure that file size is not the issue.


Just in case, you might want to open the file in a plain text editor and verify that it is actually CSV. I have noted a disturbing trend of folks calling a file CSV, which means commas are used to separate values, only find out the file actually uses another character such as a | or tab character (which you won't generally see and whose symptom is columns that generally align with occasional horizontal shifts following short or long values of other columns). If you tell the program to load a file of CSV type an it isn't that might well be the issue.


Do not open in a spreadsheet program as they do not display the commas to verify the file type.

A CSV file would look something like this assuming there is a column header. Note the values of "4,  8". The quotes are there because the comma in that case is part of a single field or variable. Also the two commas adjacent indicate a field with no value recorded.

Client ID,Sex,DOB,Zip,Collection Date,Collection Site ,Results CT,Results GC,Results Syphillis,Results HIV,
1116381,1,10/27/1994,83704,7/2/2018,"4, 8",2,2,2,2,
1115554,1,4/14/1960,83704,7/3/2018,"4, 8",2,2,,2,
Obsidian | Level 7

I have been using this file for a long time, yesterday I remember that I changed some permissions, so from there I can not upload files anymore. 


Could you show me how your permissions are for the user who inserts tables? so I can try to correct it.

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I don't have access to VA so can't help with specific configurations.


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