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Calcite | Level 5

Hello everyone,


I'm pretty new here and do have a question about the "caculated item" in VA reporting build. I hope, that someone can help me here. Thanks a lot.


The following "calculate item" was build in the VA report:


Sum [_ByGroup_] (( 'quantity'n *
'unit_price'n )) / Distinct [_ByGroup_] (
'oder: ID'n)


What I need is to build the summary of price and then divided by the number of orders, so I can get the average value of price pro order. In my data source table I have position of the order per row. So in the source I may have several rows with the same order ID but different position number. That's why I used "Distinct". But the summary of price is based on all the rows. So after I build the item it appeared under "Aggregated Measure" in the left side of the VA. But when I try to drop this item in my report. I got the "Error Message"Fehlermeldung_va.png


How can I get the average value and use it in my report??


Kind regards,




What is the data type of your numeric data items? They must be DOUBLE. 

Calcite | Level 5

@Madelyn_SASThanks a lot for the reply. I will try to change the "quantity" data type from "int32" to "double" and try it again!

Calcite | Level 5

Hi @Madelyn_SAS ,


though our developer still haven't change the data type of the numeric data items, I found another way to build the desired variable.

My way is to separate the item in 2 parts. So I build one calculated item A ('quantity'n * 'unit_price'n) and another calculated item B (Distinct [_ByGroup_] ('oder: ID'n)). Then I put them together in calculated item C: Sum [_ByGroup_] (A) / B. And it works!! Do you have any idea, why this new item works? I still don't get it at all. 😛







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