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Hi everyone,

This is my first time to post here in SAS Support Communities.

I would like to start a discussion on what are your best practices on loading SAS datasets in VA (HADOOP to LASR) whether it is small or large datasets.ssual

How you fully utilized the allocated disk space?

Tuning Block Size?

Let me know your thoughts!


Meteorite | Level 14


It's great to have you join the SAS Support Communities.

This is a good question and there have been some discussions on loading SAS datasets into VA and the use of compression etc in the community. It's a good idea to do some searching in the community before posting a question as you may get some answers/ideas from other posts. A good article to read on how to get the most out of the SAS Support Communities can be found at Please review this and also the useful comments in the post.

In case you aren't aware, your question has been posted in the general Discussions group rather than the specific community where there are dedicated SAS Visual Analytics users who will be able to share their thoughts.

is the community manager of the group. Anna - can you please move this question into the SAS VA community?



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