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Obsidian | Level 7

In Visual Analytics I have some calculated items like "my aggregation" which can be applied into other tables. Any way I could drag or copy those calculated items to other tables.


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The devil is in the details.

The answer is probably "Yes".

But we need to see both tables, or examples thereof, and what you expect the result to be.


Adding columns usually implies that there are one or more row identifiers to "match" on. Is that the case here?



Obsidian | Level 7

For example I have the old table:


and the aggregation is sum, mean, median, .... all values


and now the table with new column


also just take sum, mean, median, .... all values


I mean I can open editor and copies the formula but it won't be efficient when I have 100 aggregation calculation.

Any method drag drop calculated items from old table to the new table

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If you have two data sets sorted by the ID variable you show with only one observation per id then you can merge them with code like this:


data merged;
    merge dataold datanew;
    by id;

Placing the new data set second means that any variables with the same name in new and old, other than the variable(s) on the BY statement, will have the values of the variables in the new data.


If you have more than one value of ID in each set then you may have to share more information, as in actual data, as the desired behavior may be trickier.


I don't understand any of your comments about means, median, sum or what have you. That doesn't have anytihing to do with "from one data to another".





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